The School infirmary is open 24/7 on all working days when the school is in session.

The School Infirmary is looked after by a qualified medical supervisor and a nurse. Medical check-ups of students are regularly carried out and a record is maintained. If the school doctor is of the opinion that a child needs special medical attention, the parents are informed of the same.

Students suffering from infectious diseases such as Conjunctivitis, Dermatitis, Scabies, etc. should not be sent to school until they have fully recovered.

Students suffering from chronic diseases like Asthma, Epilepsy, Heart Disease etc. are advised to be under the continuous medical supervision of a doctor, who is a specialist in the concerned field. History of their ailments must be filled up in the Almanac, along with the treatment and the medicines prescribed by the concerned doctor.

Parents are also advised to keep the school infirmary informed (medical / health problem which may have developed during the academic year.

The medical history of the student must be filled up by the parents in the space provided in the almanack.

Parents are not supposed to send medicines along with the child without prior permission from the school medical in-charge.