Gyanodaya XI & XII

GYANODAYA discerns the need of a sound, healthy and holistic growth of students and provides a naturally blissful clean, green, tranquil environment, ideal for concerted academic pursuits.

Gyanodaya Bal Batika has always envisaged a student-centered pragmatic education with disciplined conducive atmosphere ensuring academic excellence, self-esteem, personal development, philanthropy, cultural and moral values and civic obligations.

Considering a broad prospect of professional platforms in the world governed by management, we offer a practical and enthusiastic stream of +2 management that comprises of a team of dedicated, committed and experienced faculties. Students’ zeal and enthusiasm is elevated by advanced facilities of best-equipped science, maths and computer labs with high-speed fibre internet service. We provide ample practical classes, excursions, visits to corporate houses, audio-visual instructions, career counselling, motivational sessions and much more. Our links and affiliations with colleges and universities in different parts of the world make study abroad an uncomplicated access.


Info-Tech (Well equipped computer lab with high-tech communication facilities like free unlimited internet browsing and electronic mailing etc., Telephones, Fax and Photocopying facilities are also available in the compound, all the peer computers are connected with high-speed fibre internet service.)

Library (Gyanodaya maintains a huge collection of text/reference books from school to intermediate level)

Audiovisual centre (capacity for 50 students, well equipped with TV, overhead projectors, slide projectors, videos, tape recorders, etc for the supplementary study lectures.)

Cafeteria (A rooftop canteen facility with the hygienic and wholesome food at affordable pricing which serves lunch, light refreshments, beverages and clean and safe drinking water)

Transportation facility (Runs a fleet of buses at numerous times during working days to carry and drop off the students, the transport network serves all the major locations within, around and beside the ring road in the valley and also in the city.)

Sports (Gyanodaya has full-size football fields, basketball volleyball, tennis and badminton courts, a cricket pitch and a swimming pool)

Auditorium (multi-purpose gym and auditorium stands at the residential school compound)

Medical unit/ Infirmary (The School Infirmary is looked after by a qualified medical supervisor and a nurse. Medical check-ups of students are regularly carried out and a record is maintained.)

Exchange Programs (Overseas link, from where teachers and volunteers come and work with the team for the development of the students)

Moksh and Lasson (They are Gyanodaya's two restaurants which serves as the practical laboratory for the Hotel Management Students)

Gyanodaya’s links and affiliations with colleges and universities in different parts of the world make study abroad an uncomplicated access.


Curriculum for Grade XI & XII

S. No.  Comp. Subjects Grade XI                                               Comp. Subjects Grade XII

1.          Nepali                                                                               Nepali
             Additional English (For Foreign Students)                   Additional English (For Foreign Students) 

2.          Compulsory English                                                       Compulsory English

3.          Social Studies & Life Skill                                              Social Studies & Life Skill 
             Additional Math (For Foreign Students)                        Additional Math (For Foreign Students)

4.          CAD4D (Exclusive Multimedia Program)                       CAD4D (Exclusive Multimedia Program)


Optional Subjects for Grade XI & XII

S. No.   Grade XI                                                                             Grade XII

Opt I     Accounts                                                                            Accounts

Opt II    Business Studies                                                              Business Studies
             Computer Science                                                             Computer Science

Opt III   Economics                                                                         Economics
             Marketing Business                                                           Marketing Business
             Mathematics                                                                       Mathematics
             Hotel Management                                                             Hotel Management



In Grade XI:  Any one subject from optional I should be chosen.

In Grade XII: The opted subject from optional I is to be continued and one subject from optional II is to be chosen.


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Please ensure that copies of the following documents are enclosed.

o        S.E.E. Marksheet

o        Character Certificate

o        Migration Certificate (Foreign Board)

o        Citizen ID/ Passport and Auto size Photograph (2 copies of each)