E-Library, Science Lab & Math Lab

Gyanodaya School is fully committed to the appropriate use of information technology in teaching, i.e. ICT and research work through the provision of a wide range of computing resources and support services. We have two separate computer labs which consist of more than 80 desktop computers and a Research Centre which consists of 15 notebooks. All the computers are networked and connected with a high speed Internet connection. We even have Wi-Fi hotspot facilities throughout the school premises.


Gyanodaya School aims to promote meaningful uses of IT (Information Technology), which inspire students to develop critical thinking skills and support continuous autopsy. The students along with all the staffs will use IT in a creative and collaborative environment so that they will model respectful, responsible, and ethical uses of technology in social, personal and environmental contexts.

The following belief statements guide the realization of this vision:

  • We believe students and staff must be skilled users of technology, and that acquiring and maintaining skills is a continuing process.
  • We believe students and staff must have an understanding of the ethical issues associated with the use of technology.
  • We believe students and staff must have access to reliable and efficient technology resources.
  • We believe all teachers must be responsible for the appropriate integration of technology across the curriculum.


Here, at Gyanodaya, we have well equipped and well facilitated science laboratory with enough equipments, devices, apparatus, chemicals and other necessary items with a view of fulfilling the requirements of the students as per the 21st century education. The practical classes are conducted effectively as per the syllabus prescribed by curriculum development and a little more beyond as required. The different types of experiments, activities and project works are carried out in the lab. The teachers and the students use the lab even for necessary works required for the outdoor projects. The practical files are maintained in accordance with the practical lessons for documentation. But, then the students have to use our e-library research works and  audio visual classes. The practical examinations are conducted systematically term-wise. The practical marks are given to the students according to their performance in examinations, viva, project works, field trips, documentation and individual contributions to the science exhibitions. For us, the science lab is the class room for teaching learning process of science with the direct involvement of the students.


The Mathematics Laboratory is a place, rich in manipulative material, to which children have ready access to handle them, perform mathematical experiments, play mathematical games, solve mathematical puzzles and become incolved in other activities.A mathematics laboratory is activity-centered; the child is placed in problem solving situation and through self exploration and discovery, he or she provides a solution based on his or her experience, needs, and interests.